Saturday, December 17, 2011

malabari paratha

Malabari paratha
No. of Portions
Refined flour:5Kg



Fat:1 Lt
Soda bi carb (opt):2Gm

1. Sieve flour. Add beaten eggs, salt and soda bi carb and sufficient water to make medium soft dough. Knead well.
2. Divide dough into 100 equal portions, apply oil and keep aside for ½ hour.

1. Take each portion of the dough, flatten it out on palm of hand, taking care that the center is not very thin.
2. Stretch into paper-thin layer using oil and beating the dough on an oiled tabletop.
3. Make pleats from either side of the thinly rolled dough and shape it into a spiral. Tuck the end in the center.
4. Rest these portions for ½ hour.
5. Using some more oil, flatten or roll out each portion into a circular paratha.
6. Bake well on tawa using fat or oil till light brownish spots appear on either side.
7. Press prepared paratha from sides to the center between palms to separate the layers. Serve immediately.


Well cooked parathas, distinct circular layers, crisp and short in nature, served hot with layers flaked.

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