Saturday, December 17, 2011

meat coconut fry


Mutton/Beef (boneless) :12.5Kgs
Coconut :10nos

Coriander Seeds:5Gms
Turmeric powder :10gms
Whole Red Chillies:40gms
Cinnamon :10gms

Cloves :10gms

Peppercorn (whole) 20Gms

Garlic 150gms
Ginger :150gms
Curry leaves 2Bunches

Coconut oil 150Ml
Salt TT
Refined oil2.3litre

Pre Preparation

1. Clean mutton and cut them into cubes/or beef into strips .
2. Crack open the coconut chop into small pieces.
3. Chop the shallots fine.
6. Roast and powder coriander seeds, whole red chillies.
7. Roast and Powder Cinnamon Cloves and Peppercorn.
8. Roast onion and garlic and grind to a fine paste.
9. Prepare Ginger paste and Juliennes.

1. Cook the Mutton/Beef till tender Keep aside.2. Shallow fry chopped coconut with turmeric (in coconut oil) keep aside.
3. In the same oil add the shallot and garlic paste, curry leaves and Ginger paste.
4. Add the powdered coriander and red chili.4. Add the cooked mutton/beef to the sautéed masala and cook for about 10 minutes on slow fire.5. Add fried coconut, Cinnamon Cloves and Peppercorn powder and salt to taste.6. Garnish with ginger Juliennes.

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