Saturday, February 18, 2012

lasun ki chutney

No of Portions 100

Lasun Ki Chutney

Garlic Peeled 2 Kgs

Onion 2 Kg

Oil 1.5 Ltr

Red Chilly Powder 50 Gms

Turmeric Powder 5 Gms

Yoghurt 500 Gms

Dried Cocunut Powder 200 Gms

Salt TT
9 Lemon 2 Pcs


1. Peel and finely chop onions, Coarsely grind garlic.

2. Squeeze the lemons for juice, strain.


1. Heat oil in a degchi, add onions, sauté briefly, then add ground garlic sauté.

2. Mix yoghurt red chili powder turmeric powder.

3. Add the yoghurt mixture to the garlic and onion .add coconut powder.

4. Cook on a slow flame till the Rogan separates completely. Add seasoning and lime juice.

Standard: bright red in color, dropping consistency, slightly raw taste of garlic with a slightly sour taste.

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