Saturday, February 4, 2012


Radhaballavi No. of Portions – 100

Ingredients Qty Unit

For Dough:

Refined flour 3 Kg

Pure Ghee 300 Gm

Salt To taste

For Stuffing:

Urad Dal 1 Kg

Red Chilly Powder 50 Gm

Cumin Powder 50 Gm

Salt 50 Gm

Pure Ghee 250 Gm

Onion Seeds 50 Gm

Refined Oil To fry


1. Sieve the refined flour.

2. Rub in 750 gm of ghee and the salt with the refined flour and make a stiff but smooth dough

3. Soak the urad dal for minimum 3 hours and grind to a paste.


1. Heat up 250 gms pure ghee and add the onion seeds.

2. Add the urad dal paste and cook.

3. Season with salt, red chilly powder and cumin powder. Keep aside.

4. Cut the dough into 100 portions.

5. Roll and Stuff each portion with the urad dal stuffing and seal the edges.

6. Flatten each portion into round shape and deep fry till light golden colour.

7. Serve hot.


Golden brown stuffed poori approx “ in diameter and not too thick. The stuffing should be cooked and flavoured lightly with chilli and cumin and specs of onion seed. Served hot.

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