Thursday, January 12, 2012



Types of equipments required in a kitchen vary with the activities carried out in a particular area of work. It ranges from simple pots and pans to sophisticated cooking ranges, steamers, ovens, grills and fryers.

The list can be endless and it all depends on what kind of cooking and the type of food to be prepared.

Quantity food equipments can be divided broadly into

A. 1)Heat producing equipment

B. 2)Cold producing equipment

C. 3) Processing equipment

a)These can be further divided into

1) A)Heavy equipment

2) B)Light equipment

3) C)Miscellaneous equipment

The types of kitchen equipment are

1. A)Food preparation equipment

2. B)Cooking equipment

3. C) Holding, service and clearing equipment

4. D)Washing and storing equipment

Selection of equipment

Some basic factors for selection of equipment are

1. Size and type of establishment: It is very important to select equipment keeping in mind what exactly is your requirement. The design of the equipment should be in harmony with the general plan.

2. Menu: Equipment also depends on the method of cooking. E.g. Menu consisting of fried snacks will require a fryer.


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