Monday, January 9, 2012

gulab jamun

Gulab jamun No. of Portions 100


Perfectly round ball shaped. About 2”in diameter. Brown in colour, Well soaked in rose. Flavoured sugar syrup; soft in texture. May be served hot or at room temperature or even cold.

Ingredients QTY Unit

Hariyali mava 1.5 Kg

Milk 3 lts

Refined flour / fine semolina 300 Gm

Cardamom 20 Gm

Soda bi-carb ½ Gm

Sugar 3 Kg

Lemon 2 No.

Rose essence 10 Ml

Fat 3 Kg


1. Prepare 2-string consistency sugar syrup. Clarify with limejuice. Strain. Cool it down slightly. Add rose essence. Split the milk to form panir.

2. Grate mava. Add to the mava, panir, refined flour, cardamom powder and soda bi-carb. Make a smooth and soft dough, using cold water if required. DO NOT OVERKNEAD.

3. Divide into 100 equal portions and shape into round ball shape.


1. Deep fry in moderately hot fat to a golden brown colour – stirring constantly without breaking gulab jamuns.


· Mava is reduced thickened milk. Hariyali mava is made using cow’s milk, which has lesser percentage of fat than that of buffalo milk.

· If kneaded too much, the mava mixture starts oozing out fat and does not bind or shape.

· Gulab jamuns could be reheated with the syrup to soften them after refrigeration


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