Sunday, January 29, 2012

pati shapta

Pati Shapta No. of Portions – 100

Ingredients Qty Unit


A lightly colored pancake, folded from the sides. The coconut filling should be rich and moist and well sweetened with a delicate flavour of cardamom. Served cold.

Refined Flour 2 Kg

Rice Flour 500 Gm

Rawa 300 Gm

Milk 2.5 Ltr

Fresh Coconut 6 Nos

Jaggery 1 Kg

Cardamom Powder 10 Gm

Mava 1 Kg


1. Prepare a thick pouring batter with flour, rice flour and rawa and milk

2. Grate the coconut and the jaggery.

3. Grate the mava as well.


1. Mix the coconut and jaggery in a pan, and cook till it leaves the sides. Add cardamom powder, cool. Mix in the grated mava.

2. Prepare pancakes using the batter.

3. When done on one side, spoon the coconut mava filling on the pacake and fold the from both the sides.

4. Remove on a plate and continue until all the batter and coconut mixture is used.

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