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indusrial catering


'The art of supplying food and drink to people at their place of work.'For many years, industrial catering was regarded as one of the least

attractive sectors of the industry from the point of view of status and career opportunity. However the 1970's saw many changes in the

industrial catering field which greatly improved attitudes towards this sector. This is symbolized by the fact that the term "factory canteen” is

no longer current; but is now popularly known as "staff dining room or

staff cafeteria".

Meals/refreshments are required at mid-morning, mid-day, mid-afternoon

and in some cases right round the clock. Very few companies can make a

profit on their food and beverage sale and most companies subsidize their

catering facilities. This has led to firms having to decide whether they will

operate the catering facility themselves or employ contract caterers to do

the job.

Company Operated Facilities: In this case the firm operates its own

catering facility, employing staff directly and managing the operation

entirely. Expect advice is generally sought from consultants especially

when establishing or ‘modifying the unit. This may present some problems

for the firm but it has the distinct advantage that its catering facilities are

directly controlled by them.

Contract Catering: A contract caterer is an individual or company who, in

recognition of a financial reward will undertake to administer control and

direct; specified catering operation within the guidelines stipulated by the

company. There is a growing trend for companies to use the services of

such contract caterers to provide catering for their work force; although

the company usually has to provide the facilities. The advantages to the

firm are:

1. Catering Company can provide food at a lower price than the firm itself.

2. Most industrial canteens are subsidized by the firm. In times of

inflation; a catering contract enables the firm to establish a fixed cost,

leaving the contractor to work within the prescribed budget.

3. If the caterer does not provide a satisfactory service, the catering

contract can be terminated and offered to a rival company.

The contract between the caterer and the client specifies the

following information:

- A specification of the standards expected with regard to meals and

beverages sold,

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